I’m not pink Panther and not t… (Alena Tishchenko)

I’m not pink Panther and not the Queen of England, I dance on coals and sleep on nails, I don’t see right don’t go left, and quite easily exist in chains. I have no automaticity and precise movements,I’m not gonna not Gerda, probably Cleopatra, bitten by a snake.I condemn the lies and incest,but constantly, chronically, sick of you. I’m not perfect, but only one of many,not blonde, not a Princess, so exquisite in silks.Cry, laugh, and drown in your stroganof chestnut, large and expressive eyes. I’m not a goddess, not fulfill the cherished three wishes,I’m too alive to be such as you have.You know me better than anyone and I in advance, will leave a Daisy on your family’s coat of arms.