I’ll be sure to meet, today or… (Karina Kislitsina )

I’ll be sure to meet, today or yesterday. Look you in the eye, marked In your memory something important. I’ll be sure to remember, in the Middle of February unexpectedly. To the soul your gentle touch, And remain in it something main. I’m sure I will, something close and something far. And your not breaking plans, they are woven into something very deep. I’m in your, necessarily, slowing-down the veins to the heart. In our strange, sometimes silent scenes I’ll lose Scherzo. I’ll never forget you, and how can I forget our “story”? Like a Seagull soaring Over the vast I’m with you – our sea. I’ll be sure to meet, Let not soon, but all it will be. For and invented the eternity, On the border of our destinies.