If you want important let impo… (Keep Silence)

If you want important let important. Although this concept is so in two ways. Loneliness is not so scary. Scary to twenty-one die from cancer. Scary night not to sleep from Grazuciu pain That crawls under the skin and eats roots. And you dig the grave from words fired Or is it better to stay friends with you. Say how frightening background The inevitability of rock, destiny, destiny? Terrible choice – to go to collect bottles, Or go directly to the trade body. Say, no apartment high-rises, Payments utility neck strangled? And once enough raspberries in a Cup And fritters grandma’s for dinner. Say around – fools and drama In nightmares – a dull blank faces. Scary – nine child to lose a mother. Terrible – mother-to-child not to give born. Scary to see how the world in itself is malice, As the friends exchanged their knives in the back. If you want important – let the good. How to be good at least half? How to find the strength to remain honest, Feel the will, to purify the soul? Really want important? sit down. wonderful It is important that you still want to listen.