I was a big fan of Middle E… (Aja Brown)

I was a big fan of Middle Eastern elements of music and experimental electronic and tribal sounds.

Adam Lambert

I would say think about the thing that makes you happiest, and do that. If it's drawing or dancing or listening to music or bowling, whatever it is that makes you happy, I would focus on that, and you'll definitely gain some confidence.


Somebody asked me, 'Why do people like vampires so much?' This was right after Obama had been elected and I said, 'Because we just spent eight years being sucked dry by one.'

Alan Ball

I'm a city boy, born and brought up in Mumbai. I talk fast, have a certain sense of humour, and have grown up watching Jackie Chan movies.

Aditya Roy Kapur

I like to be human and not lose myself in becoming a mannequin, which people in showbiz are accused of.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

I know what it takes to move cities forward. It's not about rhetoric and great speaking, but it takes relationships.

Aja Brown