I know you don’t like “mnogabu… (AntiGamer)

I know you don’t like “mnogabukav” but this essay is worth a read:I write: “it looks funny when people are shaking for their tsitatki” “write on a piece and read it myself in that case” “I like nice that my quotes someone posts and still sign or not.” IT’S NOT RIGHT! Look around, repeat that, you need to be original. Everyone wants to stand out and believe that they don’t like it. PEOPLE are TRYING to STAND out, BUT they never single ANYONE out — it’s crazy! In any case that you want to get from the outside world, they always say: start with yourself — DO it! AND YOU WILL STAND OUT HIMSELF. The fact of the matter is that people are accustomed to copy-paste, used to the ugly mess the fuck knows whose quotes are now not isolated individuals now poher authors, “who are they, they are simple people like us” — that you mix yourself with mud. Heck, those who say “the gray mass doesn’t exist” just close your eyes, but about themselves believe that “to single out someone, is to admit his superiority” — it is not! You can highlight villains, rapists and that they are superior? Each of us has strengths and weaknesses, and not to be in the same weight, you just need to highlight each — for this reason alone, you yourself are going to stand out because he dared to do what others are doing. My example: I tell everyone about your feelings and thoughts, I do what I want, I recognize individuals hate those who likes to use someone else’s mind — my success in the face. Remember — start with yourself, do what you expect from others.