I know for sure: I’m not a cat… (Lara Mishanova)

I know for sure: I’m not a cat, Never wanted a March purring under the window And yesterday I dreamed of the sea And this impressive cat in March, not laugh And not a cat he was (not important) Just with him, we were together Just brought us together a mystery and his reticence was all Just coincidence Well, I — Holy modesty, I’d now could you come up with … takoooooy (dreaming) At night the track lunar Sea Seagull kissed sitting Here now, sigh with Tenderness in the palms In General, write a story about a beautiful cute cats Congratulations to all the kittens and cats, and cats too, eh, with me it has long been clear — I’m a cat not like A decent girl all in the shower almost cats Just me — probably Fox, too, a little redhead Oh, another conspiracy And it’s not important And yesterday, I dreamed of the sea, our ship paper