I don't drive around Lo… (Abdolkarim Soroush)

I don't drive around London much. Any journey around Islington involves hundreds of speed bumps that seem to tear the bottom of your car off.

Alan Davies

Having a dream, living that dream, losing that dream, dreaming again and then having that dream come true again is one of the greatest feelings ever because I'm stronger.

Aaron Carter

Time is money, and the more breaks given, the less money that is made.

Abby Johnson

The ability to absorb a book and make someone else's words and story your own was exactly was I was doing on stage.

Alan King

It's a pain to draw different-looking humans.

Akira Toriyama

There are all sorts of cries that the leaders of the Green Movement should submit themselves to the supreme leader, but that won't take place. Both sides have to be prepared for a serious negotiation.

Abdolkarim Soroush