I become calm… (Rimma Kazakova)

I become calm. And this is just? I always wanted basketball growth. Not enough braids. Not enough beauty. Not enough the blouse and watch. Not enough friend so escorted, so in the stairwell for the mitten held. Long marriage does not take — not enough mystery. To take not take, and lied about morality, decency. Me about joy radio loudly talking, sputter I don’t care not enough. I did not have March, warmer melt, kindness and trust I didn’t have enough. Not enough as the moisture in the ground annealed, not enough I truth naked. Oh, mediocre disorder between deed and word! You the disorder, as debauchery: who happened — he is broken. Cut roughly, at the root. How many souls have you beating! I become calm I made a choice. Was dawn dawn, and the sunset became the sunset Our souls are nothing will not split like the atom.