I am in the eyes of your sink … (Robert Rozhdestvensky)

I am in the eyes of your sink — Can? After all, in the eyes of your sink — happiness! Come over and say Hello! I love you so Hard? No it’s not difficult, and difficult. It’s hard to love — Believe? I will go to the steep cliff I will Fall — Catch the time? Well, if you go to Write? Only me without you hard! I want to be with you — Hear? Neither minute, nor a month, and long Very long life — you Know? A hand to hold? I answer afraid — you Know? You tell me, but only with the eyes. You answer me with eyes — you Love? If so, you promise That you’ll be happiest. If not, please don’t beat his eyes, don’t, don’t pull him into the whirlpool, But me you slightly remember I love you d — Can? Even if not I Will! And I will always come to the aid If will be hard for you