How many times have you change… (Ring Notebook)

How many times have you changed mentally, Name a bitter spat under his feet… And in response to a slap in the face – the truth that I am your eyes of the road. How many times have you cursed that light That tore my heart without pity, Well, tell me, my unrequited Forever, or only to old age? How many times the stars fell from the midnight Shed like the devil from Holy water, And never (you bastards!) Did not fulfill that target. Looking through the curtains of my full moon Climbs into the window the sky is bottomless… you Want your life to meditation, deferred inflexible? Do not be silent – the silence like a curse, Let me hear at least breathing… I love like a crucifix, but instead of nails – waiting. Only instead of immortality – forgotten, Life is like a book almost… polistena post office STOP NOTICE: yesterday I cheated on you mentally. Ring Notebook (Yuri Yegorov)