Give me a hedgehog… (Natasha Ilicheva )

Give me a hedgehog.You’re in the woods all around ezinye trail,And a Hedgehog there catch. And rather comeupance in a small cute box That I give on the Day of my birth. You open a box on the doorstep in the hallway,And, gift in hand, gently holding,I’m smiling say that I’m very pohojaya game forest Hedgehog. In the area carry, so no one to overhear,And gently him the secret I will tell,How it is sometimes uncomfortable and duchessed human bustle of the urban Hedgehog. Be quiet sniff and topermit needles,black beads for the eyes of the understanding Ty.Take it into the woods. And put under the tree.”Just you turn your back.” — I’ll ask you. And then you turn to the empty box,And unnecessary, my mobile holding,Away discern — at trodden tropkina slowly shuffling two prickly Hedgehog