Garbage wind, smoke from the p… (Armen Grigoryan )

Garbage wind, smoke from the pipe,the Weeping of nature, the laughter of Satan,And all because mylabel to catch the wind And throw stones.Sand city built me,long Ago washed away by a wave,My opinion is similar to yours,there is nothing except a snowy forgotten happiness.The smoke in the sky, smoke on Telewest people — machine,Dead fish in the withered river,the Fetid heat of the desert.My death will cut the chain of sleep,When we are together. You’re smart, and I’m an idiot, no matter who of us randompage if I’m lucky, And my hand will be the ACE In your will is a Joker.So don’t be afraid sweetheart lie down on the snow,a Blind artist portrait painted,I will Sing to thy shape the poet And will be the star alterbridge circus.