First a text from his girlfrie… (Alexander Vulykh )

First a text from his girlfriend.You’re scum and a scoundrel, a bastard and a bastard,With a short spine a complete freak.You don’t give anyone the right of girls –And even cunt in the bed will not call!Dumb sheep a hundred times smarter than you and cooler,I knew that in my heart you are not a man, and mucus.Yes eat it, you bastard, and a handbag from Gucci,And a coat of fur you too choke!All that you gave me, back to you, moron:more Expensive stuff I own honor!And shoes, and a watch, and fucking cell phone –All-all take ago well, except for the “Mazda six”.You said goat, I don’t deserve you,you washed me when I lived in the shit And the fact that seven weeks I was fucking with you? –For that life you owe me!I was a little girl was when one of Doman train arrived in Moscow at night, And met you, leaky condom,What are you goats, men-Muscovites!