Every time I step on the pi… (Aditi Rao Hydari)

Every time I step on the pitch, I feel proud to play for my club and my country, so to get to show this pride through my boots has meant a great deal to me.

Aaron Ramsey

Recruiting Station was a story that came as the result of many anxious awakenings during many nights.

A. E. van Vogt

The man who does ill must suffer ill.


The institution of marriage works better when there's a spiritual connection. If you're marrying just for the sake of the woman, then you may lose interest in each other very soon. When we marry in the interest of the Holy Spirit with the intention of serving God and humanity, then it gives a much larger perspective.

A. R. Rahman

It's not really part of the game to say, 'Oh, it's a batter's game; it's a batter's game' – I don't know why it goes on. It's a beautiful game that's greatly competitive between bat and ball.

AB de Villiers

I think the saying that diamonds are a girl's best friend can't be truer. Which girl doesn't love diamonds?

Aditi Rao Hydari