don’t Wake up, please don’t ch… (Red Hope )

don’t Wake up, please don’t chochua to cuddle up to a stranger on his shoulder.listen to: “come on girl, don gratifying bird dead out of a handful”. strong-proud, brave, life of me,only here a heart caught a Sparrow,only yourself patch you of the pieces,if you hear the smell of his perfume. don’t forget, please don’t hocused to talk about what I am hear: “forget not the grief and grace,”they are all smart, but how do they know?! how many wrinkles, dimples,how much heat in his favorite hand,as hugging tightly, kissing timidly,how many beetles in his skull. in our house the lamp is not lit,and as similar to the baby when he sleeps.don’t forget, please don’t Mogutov remained you owe me. nightly eradicate the thoughts,to confuse dates, times, hours and numbers.I wonder if I came you’d give up my warmth? it is blacker than the night, more than a day,only the Lord does not want to understand me.