Critical mass has neovasculatu… (Galina Belysheva)

Critical mass has neovasculature gradually climax.Do you want separation? If you please.I am from your “I’m sorry, goodbye” fly into a rage.But can not understand and do not ask,How can we neglect the warmth, love?I now return not enough Ziltoid. Alas, I do not believe the verbiage.Run, a fugitive, but remember that sudovaja no, as it was before.Now I’m always “busy”When you need tenderness.I do not need accusations to anything.Always guilty in the eyes of the two.Live not for the soul, and the mind,Forget with me the happy moments.I let go releasing the pain.You would think her long been accustomed to.Among the pawns stay, my King.And the Queen looks after with a smile