By virtue of my job, I'… (Al Purdy)

By virtue of my job, I'm traveling. You get to spend very little time with your family. We hardly get to meet each other except on the one odd day we really get to spend time, have dinner together. And that's rare, and we cherish it.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Jerry Rice made the decision and we honestly tried to accommodate him the best way we can.

Al Davis

I've dealt with a lot of injuries over the years, and you just learn about pain management and how to keep yourself in the best shape to play on Sunday, and then playing with pain.

Aaron Rodgers

It may be a coincidence, but from the minute I took anti-depressants, I didn't pick up a guitar or a pen for seven years.

Adam Ant

I hate being in the gym.

Aaron Ramsey

I started writing when I was about thirteen.

Al Purdy