Book: Two minus one… (Stella Amil)

Book: Two minus one.”The voice of God we hear, we only hear the human trial. God sent us a test and we passed them by”. Don’t listen to people that you are so pathetic to discuss. Their judgment not that! They do not decide your fate”. – The one who suffered more than once and was crying very loudly, God will repay and reward you well.” – How much would the lands of others nor gave us joy and wealth, it does not replace the feelings that you feel, even from the poor, but the native land”. – If you want to raise a pig that behave like her, then what makes you different from this pig?!” And God sent beauty to the earth, and the beauty of the land became a woman.” – Learn to respect all that is before me I see you finally understand what we are called religion.” – When someone gives you a slap, don’t rush to hit him back. Think not of God? hand, hit you this man?!”