Blood… (Robert Rozhdestvensky )

Blood.Again came the North wind. Once again spring has screened the Blizzard… you Know, I understand that in the world We do not exist separately! We have a continuation of each other. Integral. Indissoluble. That’s difficult and not difficult. Maybe we are just so alive… How many times – (I don’t dare to believe) Not by chance and not takeaway your Pain became mine, my Blood is your become!.. Only often (more often!), Lifting after falls Carried you I am your misfortune, Failure, nes and loss. You the science of organ donation knew You I speak not interfere. Own blood filled. Soothed. Comforted… Floated the sunset -the brighter, Bagrova… And over the years we have with you has Become a common -blood group, the Same group of pain.