Birch wind kissed,Manila fragi… (Masha Soft )

Birch wind kissed,Manila fragility of their.Her disturbing, the wind was eager,to See the nakedness of the branches. And, as if in a dance, mill Berezkin gently bent and hugged.She prodev earrings,Listened to what he whispered to her. The wind was strong and stubborn.She was malleable.Until late autumn to samogon came. She was waiting for. When all night, teasing him,the Last sheet was ripped off her,Admiring the fragile beauty,Whispered “I Love you” and suddenly disappeared. Cried for a week Berezka rain she echoed out of place.She dreamed of the wind. A river in blestkami wind ripped outfit. And suddenly saw, waking up,On the branches a gentle first snow.Back the wind, almost touching,Its branches as the sun century. Dressed in fine clothing,Wrapped his sweet.Not eager flurry as he was before,Only quietly exhaled: Love”