As a self-proclaimed cookin… (Alan Rosenberg)

As a self-proclaimed cooking disaster, I try to makes things that I think I can easily master.

Adam Rippon

DNA is a code of four letters; proteins are made up of amino acids which come in 20 forms. So the ribosome is a very clever machine that reads one language and operates in another.

Ada Yonath

It's always exciting to work with people you admire.

Aditi Rao Hydari

Tremendous changes are taking place in our country, eradicating the concept of second-class citizenship.

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

I started from nothing in Lichtenstein. The country is so small, and the only 'celebrity' type people who are from there are skiers.

Al Walser

The displacement of scripted series by reality programming continues to be a severe obstacle to a working actor's ability to earn a living.

Alan Rosenberg